Canon 5D Mark III vs. 6D

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Canon 5D Mark III Review

Canon 6D Review

2012 Full-Frame DSLR Comparison Table


The Canon 6D is the smaller & less expensive version of the 5D Mark III. They take the same battery and accessories.

The differences are minor, so if money matters, of course get the 6D for 40% less money. The 6D loses about 5% of some of the 5D Mark III features, most notably a simpler AF system, only two "C" modes, only one memory card and no tự động brightness control for the LCD, but adds the same 5% back with GPS & WiFi not in the 5D Mark III. Many people will prefer the 6D for adding GPS with lighter weight.

They take the same pictures with essentially the same shutters, sensor, màu sắc controls, resolution and ISO range. Yes, there are many minor differences in the sensors & shutters as I"ll outline below, but these are designed merely khổng lồ help upsell innocent rich amateurs khổng lồ the 5D Mark III; they aren"t different enough for a real photographer or someone without a spare $1,400 lying around to lớn blow on camera bodies lớn worry about.

The only missing feature that matters to lớn me is that the 6D has only one thẻ slot, not two. I use both as backup in my 5D Mark III which makes my backup plan much easier, since I can format my shooting thẻ as soon as I download it khổng lồ my Mac, & don"t have to lớn wait until my daily Mac backup khổng lồ be sure I have two copies before formatting my shooting card. In other words, I always have a backup in my 5D Mark III"s second thẻ after I tải về and format, but no backup with the 6D until I tải về and backup my computer.

Top shutter và sync speeds are the same. No one uses 1/4,000, much less 1/8,000, so the 5D Mark III having 1/8,000 makes no difference in actual shooting.

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Likewise, flash sync at 1/200 versus 1/180 is only one-sixth of a stop different, and specified this way merely as a sales tool khổng lồ upsell rich people lớn the 5D Mark III. If the 5D Mark III was 1/500, it would matter, but even 1/250 vs. 1/180 is the same thing as far as I"m concerned.

The 6D adds GPS & WiFi, lacking in the 5D Mark III.

The 6D has a simpler AF system. You may prefer either; gearheads will prefer the 5D Mark III, và I prefer the 6D.

The MENU and INFO buttons pop out a bit more on the 6D because they are more rounded instead of flat, making them easier to find by feel on the 6D.

If you shoot all day with it as I do, the cost becomes less important & little things, lượt thích having a third "C" mode và second memory card, become more important, so I prefer the 5D Mark III.

Then again, if I have to lớn carry it all day, the 6D wins on weight.

If you have lớn ask, just get the 6D. It gives a lot more for the money than the 5D Mark III.

See also Is It Worth It.

If you shoot every day with it, or shoot a lot of sports and action, then the 5D Mark III makes sense for its fancier autofocus system và 30% faster frame rate.

Technical image chất lượng should be identically excellent. đôi mươi versus 22 MP is invisible; either has more than twice as many pixels as anyone needs for anything.

The 6D improves on the 5D Mark III by putting the play, zoom & trash buttons where they belong: on the right side. The 6D adds up/down/left/right control to lớn the big rear control dial, và thus eliminates the need for the old thumb nubbin.

The depth-of-field preview button remains properly on the same side as the grip, but is a smaller button at a less convenient angle than the big flat preview button of the 5D Mark III.

The 6D has no M-Fn button near the shutter, which I never use anyway.

The darkest light in which the meter works is an interesting bit of sale trickery. The 5D Mark III is rated lớn meter down to lớn LV 0 with an f/1.4 lens, while the 6D is rated one stop worse, only to lớn LV 1, but that"s with a one-stop slower f/1.8 lens. In other words, the meters are as good; but Canon tries khổng lồ make the 6D look a little less good lớn try lớn upsell people to the 5D Mark III.